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My Experience as a Medicaid Facilitated Enroller

By Yaw Appiadu (Facilitated Enroller)

When I took the offer to work for Westchester Disabled On the Move Inc. (WDOMI), I knew I was going to fulfill my passion in helping not just people with disabilities but also people who need specific help in my area of concentration which is facilitated Medicaid Enrollment. Aside from the classroom and training, my internship experience was integral in pushing me above the limits and has opened opportunities to help and assist people by putting the theories into practice. Consumer interaction and services are exhausting and at times terrifying, but the amazing supports I receive from my supervisors have helped me to learn so much in a short period.
Though my program has not started, working at WDOMI has allowed me the tools to work with individuals that need guidance with their Medicaid and other health-related applications. I have been able to offer support and also advocate for people who need help and understanding in the Medicaid application process. My work as a Facilitated Enroller at WDOMI also has given me an extensive spectrum on the social and economic structure of people’s lives and the stratification of society. It teaches me how to navigate through the complexities and the dynamics of Medicaid and Special Needs Trust (SNT) applications and policies.
It is noted that sustainability is one of the pillars of human life and it is crucial to improving the quality of life. My commitment to the task of advocating for consumers and describing the various services and options that are available to them is critical. I have learned new ways of working with groups as well as individuals, how to navigate the complex social systems, and how power structures impact our society.
At the end of every day, the most rewarding part of my job is putting smiles on faces of every consumer I work with and instilling hope in them.

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