One of Independent Living’s core principles and goals is to enable people with a wide range of disabilities to reside in independent community based settings with all necessary services rather than living in institutional settings. Forty years ago, the expectation for many people with severe disabilities was to spend their entire life in settings such as nursing facilities, developmental centers, or group homes. Thankfully, this has changed; however, many people continue to reside in places not of their choosing and which do not allow independence and integration into the mainstream of our communities.

WDOMI is committed to helping every individual involuntarily in an institutional setting achieve the freedom to live where and how they choose by coordinating community resources including affordable accessible housing, Medicaid and other home care services, supplements to income including food stamps, energy assistance, home delivered or community based meals, and emergency/ moving assistance, home modifications to achieve accessibility, equipment, and independent living counselling.

WDOMI does this as a Service Coordination provider for the NYS Department of Health Nursing Transition and Diversion Waiver Program and can assist in applying and designing an individualized service plan. In some instances WDOMI assists individuals to leave an institution without applying for the NHTD Waiver. For more information regarding applying for the Medicaid NHTD Waiver Program contact the Regional Resource Development Center at 914-682-3926. For more information regarding transition and diversion options contact WDOMI directly.

Gerard Hinson – BA, Service Coordinator and MFP Transition Specialist

914-968-4717, X111