The Olmstead Housing Subsidy is intended to help seniors and people with disabilities leaving nursing homes.

Olmstead refers to the Supreme Court’s 1999 Olmstead Decision, which established that people with disabilities have the right to live and receive services in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs. OHS is funded by the New York State Department of Health as a program of the NYS Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT). NYAIL is administrating the grant.

The Olmstead Housing Subsidy program seeks to support those nursing home residents who can safely live in the community by assisting with the cost of rent, and by providing assistance with locating and obtaining housing. OHS is designed to mirror Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher programs.

How does OHS Work?
• Unit must be FMR (Fair Market Rate)
• Individual required to pay 30% of their income and utilities (if not included)
• Income must be at Extremely Low Income as determined by HUD Annually
• Community Transition Services (CTS) available to pay for furniture, essential household furnishing, small e-mods(up to $5,000 total/participant)

OHS Eligibility
• 120- consecutive days in a nursing home (skilled nursing facility) in the most recent 24 months.
– Hospitals, prison/jail, rehab, psychiatric institutions do not count for the 120 days
• Medicaid Eligible
• Unstably housed or homeless (nowhere to go)
• 18 and older with a documented chronic disability OR 55 and older
• If coming from a community setting: Nursing home level of care as determined by Uniform Assessment System (UAS 5 or higher)

OHS Housing Subsidy Unit Information
• Unit must be Fair Market Rate
• Individual required to pay 30% of their income and utilities (if not included)
• Supply required documentation
• Sign annual lease with landlord
• Sign OHS participant agreement
• Maintain monthly contact with HS
• Apply for and accept Section 8 when available

Community Transition Service Dollars: (CTS)
• $5000/participant/lifetime
• Security deposit
• Household items/ Furnishings
• Utility deposit
• Small E-Mods
• Mover’s fees
• Back rent (if rent is backed up due to NH admission)

One-Time Assistance: (CTS)
• For participants who are working with Housing Specialists to locate units, and find subsidized housing:
• OHS can help those who need One-Time Assistance:
– 1st month rent/Security within FMR (Fair Market Rate)
– Household items/Furniture
• Eligibility for One-Time Assistance:
– Must meet all OHS eligibility and have documentation in place
– A letter in place stating the need for the One-Time Assistance
– Proof of lease
– If participant needs rent/security- W-9 from a landlord

Discharge of OHS Participants
• Voluntary housing subsidy
• Loss of participant eligibility
• Lose Medicaid eligibility
• Re-institutionalized for more than 3 months
• Begin to receive another subsidy
• Violate OHS program rules or fail to pay rent
• Do not supply required annual documentation
• Fail to complete any aspect of lease process
• Fail to pay rent or utilities
• Fail to meet the participation agreement
• Does not maintain monthly contact with HS

Working Together with NHTD/TBI Waivers
• Participants who meet OHS eligibility can be referred
• Housing Specialist and Service Coordinator work together to house individuals
– Constant communication/meetings/emails
– Work on timeline for service plans and housing time frames (lease signing)
• CTS available from NHTD/TBI should be used prior to any CTS from OHS.

With the exception to Diversions, which are not allowed to utilize the CTS from NHTD

Additional OHS Information
• Referral forms on our website at

For more information, contact:
Melissa Lopez-Robles, B.B.A. – Housing Specialist for OHS Program
914-968-4717, X118